Wicked-Monitoring [Unbreakable 2024]

writeup by: H0N3YP0T

Challenge Description

Some weird events happened during this week. Please check and provide the necessary info.


The challenge provides a .evtx file which is a Windows Event Log file. Therefore, I will use the Windows events viewer to analyze the logs. Hopefully the logs are not too big, so, I can easily find suspicious events by scrolling down.

Question 1

Identify the compromised account

Solution 1

I found the following log which uses Putty and SSH and it makes weird commands:


By looking closer I saw the account used in the attack is IEUser.

Question 2

Provide the name of the malicious executable used in the attack.

Solution 2

By looking at the screenshot above, I saw the attacker used a program called plink.exe.

Question 3

What is the protocol exploited in the attack?

Solution 3

We see the command use port 3389 which is the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). Therefore, the protocol exploited in the attack is rdp.