Report [Stranger Case 2023]

writeup by: H0N3YP0T
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A guy named Eric EDURT is missing our goal is to find out what happened to him by using all open source intelligence tools available.

Sockpuppet used to investigate

Please see the Sockpuppet page for more information.


Subject Details

  • Name: Eric
  • Surname: EDURT
  • Time of disappearance: Night between 1st and 2nd of May 2023
  • Alias: eedurt
  • Occupation: CEO at Copprethia
  • Profile picture:
    Eric Edurt

Social Media

Twitter information

Eric posted a tweet where he said he has the feeling of being followed:


Dropbox information

The Dropbox account of Eric contains 4 files named

  • ‘Cuisine.pdf’
  • ‘voila sombre.pdf’
  • ‘Paix.pdf’
  • ‘Survie.pdf’

All the files seem to be poems.

Flickr information

There are two pictures on the Flickr account of Eric. This first one is a picture of a typical French britain dish: a galette. Thanks to the cups we succeeded to find the restaurant where the picture was taken. The restaurant is called ‘Mademoiselle Breizh’ and is located in Bretagne, France. This picture was taken on the 28th of April. galette

The second picture seems to be a picture of a phone booth and the logo of Dairy Queen on the right side of the picture. We were not able to find the exact location of the phone booth but we know that this is somewhere in Canada and maybe into the Quebec area.

phone booth



Jade Raynaud

Jade Raynaud

She is a Formula 1 fan.

Alice Blom

Alice Blom

She is a cybersecurity fan.

Raphael Mabar

Raphael Mabar

His Blog has 3 snapshots on the wayback machine but nothing seems relevant except it runs WordPress, and it is associated with the username: lenainkiller0119. On his Twitter page we found several pieces of information: the first is that he is a fan of cycling and more particularly of the rider Thibaut PINOT. We also know that he follows the forum but we did not find anything, we used the forgotten password feature to check if he had an account. The last big piece of information we learn is that he’s a fan of the game Clash of Clans.


Once on the game, we can find him using his player id #88PPOOGG2. If we look at his clan details we find a link to a Discord server: We need to prove we have joined the clan if we want to get some access role on the server, but we did not find anything interesting. However, by chatting with Raphael, and by pretending having the same passion for cycling, we managed to get a special role on the server, and we got access to specials channels. In the secret channel we found out he is second in command at the company. Also, the company received threatening emails for some time, and it kept getting worse. He forwarded email from Hortense: Private message Email

Thanks to this email we can now add extra information for the profile of Hortense. Also, the sender of the mail use the following email:

Ulrich Jablonowski

Ulrich Jablonowski

Suspicious because he says the past few weeks have been good while all other received threats.

Faye Terni

Faye Terni

Hortense Lutero

Hortense Lutero

Was threatened in an email sent by anonymous user, they want to buy a property next to where she lives. Due to email, she said she changed phone numbers, we have personal email address of her, and will leave town. She lives at 85 and 87 (owns both) Bd Laennec, Lorient, France.

Thanks to her email address we find out her Google calendar with the following event:

  • 24 of May resignation from Copprethia
  • 15 & 16 May meeting Leclercq
  • 10 May meeting L’OREAL
  • 4-10 May moving to Marseille
Alexandre Dubais


Amine Sartori