The Online Odyssey [N00bz CTF 2023]

writeup by: H0N3YP0T


My friend blackhat_abhinav gave me a ctf challenge and told me that the challenge is full of mystery and he wanted me to solve the mystery and get the flag. Can you help me to get the flag?

Flag format:- n00bz{fl4g_h3r3}


The most important information we have is the username blackhat_abhinav so let’s start our research with this username.

When I have to work with username I really appreciate to use the following website: but unfortunately I did not find any results for the username blackhat_abhinav. My second resource is the following website:

abhinav research

My first reflex is to check this username for the social media such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and GitHub. I am lucky, I found the Instagram account of the user blackhat_abhinav:

abhinav instagram

From the instagram account we can get following information:

But wait… What is the secret ? Let’s click on it. abhinav secret We see the following comment:

If you like nature and water this is a nice spot to visit. Make sure to have a look at - @Abhinav78082932

Ok, the @ suggests that it is a Twitter account. Let’s check it.

abhinav twitter

I see that the most recent post has an alt attribute. BINGO we go the flag n00bz{gr0tt4_1sl4nd_1s_4_n1c3_pl4c3_t0_v1s1t}.

abhinav flag