Mission Moon [N00bz CTF 2023]

writeup by: H0N3YP0T


A mission, had planned to land on the moon. Can you find where it planned to land on the moon and the name of the lander and rover? Flag is latitude longitude upto one decimal place.

  • Note: Flag format n00bz{Lander_Rover_latitude_longitude} for eg - n00bz{Examplelander_Examplerover_12.3_45.6}. Also note that flag is case sensitive!
  • Note: Due to a quite big range of answers, to narrow down your search, use the latitude and longitude provided from this site: blog.jatan.space

Author: NoobMaster


Let’s open the image provided in the challenge description. mission moon

  1. First we use Google Lens to reverse the image we got and check the source.
  2. We select the first website to see if we find any useful information about this image.


  1. We go inside the article, and we execute a CTRL + F to search for the word lander and we find the name of the lander Vikram and then we do the same for the rover and we find Pragyan.

  2. Now that we got the two first information, let’s open the link provided in the challenge description in order to find the landing coordinates.


  1. The home page does not provide any useful information so let’s check the archive page, we should be able to find the article about the landing coordinates.
  2. Aain, we have to scroll down in order to load all the articles because the page use lazy loading, and then we can find the article we are looking for by using CTRL + F and searching for the word Vikram.


  1. By scrolling through the article we can find the landing coordinates 70.9°S 22.8°E and we can now build the flag n00bz{Vikram_Pragyan_70.9_22.8}.