.hidden days

For our 1 year anniversary we’re hosting a collection of presentations and workshops. We’re calling this event .hidden days. We invite you to join us, in the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics. The table below will be updated with the schedule for each presentation as we get approval for them.


WorkshopUnveiling the Dark Arts: Introduction in Malware AnalysisTBDTBDTBD
PresentationTech Liberation: Introduction to Open SourceTBDTBDTBD
WorkshopFind anything using secret agency techniques (OSINT)TBDTBDTBD

If you want specific information on a particular presentation or workshop, or if you’re interested in joining us, please contact us directly. Check the About page to find out how.


PresentationFrom XSS to SQL Injection: On Web Vulnerabilities22 May, 18:00-20:00Amf. PompeiuNone
WorkshopTearing apart an APK: Introduction to Mobile Reverse Engineering21 May, 18:00-20:00Amf. PompeiuLaptop, Android Phone w/ dev mode unlocked, wire for connecting the phone to PC
PresentationAndroid Modding (how 2 🧱 your phone)14 May, 18:15-19:30Amf. PompeiuNone
WorkshopFinding vulnerabilities with Symbolic Execution29 April, 18:00-20:00Amf. PompeiuPython3
WorkshopCodebending: Introduction to Binary Exploitation24 April, 18:00-20:00Amf. PompeiuLinux VM, Laptop
PresentationDissecting the Unknown: Introduction to Reverse Engineering23 April, 18:00-19:30Amf. PompeiuNone